• Michelle Seabreeze

I Could Be

I could be Mystique

just another comic book tragedy

with too much Vertigo

when I try to be anything

but myself

on goddess pedestals

like a Lady Mastermind

so bored with

insignificant circumstances

that I create an emotional Storm

in my heart

of meteoric proportions

with a Deathbird of discovery

in the Marrow of my bones

without the obstacle

of courtesy, or a curtsy,

I can walk like I own

the ground beneath me

and the Dust

of every Destiny lover

that tried to pick at my future

until I broke into pieces

like a Jubilee of monumental potential

curated into Pixie freak-show

full of Kitty Pryde

although sometimes

I am fluttering like a Tempest

between Karma illusions

when my

Psylocke perspective

feels like a Viper

in a Trance

with her Wallflower

face down

but only because

I have yet to uncover

all the layers

inside myself

like a Husk of greatness

that has yet to

Surge forward

since I could be

a Beautiful Dreamer

whose strength is a kaleidoscope

of hidden dreams

Or a Dazzler

with the Magik of Angel Dust

manifesting a new kind of truth

in a world

that will make a way

for the Sprite of a Wild Thing

with a Siryn in her soul.

because I really could be anything

when I wear the Armor of freedom

guiding her Phoenix

through a Frenzy of endurance

and Rogue behavior

like an Outlaw

with a Lifeguard

in her heart

and Witchfire

for whatever gets

in her way

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