• Michelle Seabreeze

We Are Frida

Updated: May 14, 2020

We are Frida

Marching wingless and unstoppable

Unflappable and incendiary

shifting paradigms

while painting new possibilities

We are Frida

Collected in all the shades

of Rojo, Azul, and Amarillo

when we are an immutable patchwork

of passion and power

stretched across the canvas of time

We are a million Frida hopes

Trapped inside a million Frida dreams

crushed under the weight

of catty-corner icons

when we are womb wasted

and screaming into the sky -

Yesterday my heart died,

But it looks like a smile.

We are a self portrait

Painted on a fractured pelvis

We celebrate the ceremony

With middle fingers

and miraculous ruffles

We are Frida

when we are

full of fire and fight

Chest puffed out

Knuckles white

Singing tequila at daybreak

We are Frida

when we get tucked into

the tender space

between unfolded arms

and parted lips

our pain buried

underneath every lover

that has come and gone

over and over again

We are crooked

and missing pieces

Wanting blushing faces that

Have our eyes

but getting broken babes

in glass jars

Screaming into the marrow of

Our fading affection for the world

We are Frida when we wonder

and create ferociously while tucked in bed

under the roof of blue houses

while counting the days

Until we can finally slide our fingers

through the ether

And taste forever in our mouths

We are Frida

when we are holding it all together

while climbing up a mountain

with our wishes for women

wrapped around words

like revolution, and warrior, and will

but never wait

Because we are Frida

when we push forward

and place ourselves in the portrait

and brush past every no

while becoming a part of the

larger masterpiece

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